The Senco PC010 Review – The Home Handyman Favourite

Stuck for choice? That’s understandable when you consider the wide variety of compressors on the market and when you then go on to think about the types of activities you can do with them it can get even more confusing.

How do you sort the best home use models from the rest? The Senco PC1010 is one of the home DIY models that does merit closer inspection. Before you make a decision read our useful guide to find out the pros and cons about this well thought of compressor to see if it meets your needs.

AN OVERVIEW - The Senco PC010 Air Compressor

  • CFM: 0.7 at 90 PSI
  • PSI: 125 PSI
  • Power Source: Electrical, 4 amps at 115 volts
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Size: 14 x 13 x 10 inches
  • Warranty: One year

The senco pc1010 2
Senco PC010 Review

What We Love

The Senco PC1010 really does look as though it is designed with home use in mind. Neat and tidy, with a very small foot print, it looks the perfect assistant for any number of finish and trim activities as well as a range of tasks that are more hobby or craft based that need pneumatic tools.

Not only is it neat and tidy, it is also very light and very easy to move around. Thanks to the smaller tank, made from lightweight aluminium the PC1010 weighs in at just 20 pounds so is very easy to move around the home, garage, or workshop. Portability is made even easier as it has a clever carry handle built into the main frame so it’s just pick up and away you go.

The pump is perfect for DIYers or home craftsmen in that it operates oil free so no fussy maintenance routines needed here, thank you very much! Surprisingly, for an oil free electric pump the PC1010 is also whisper quiet.

It produces just 69 dB which is certainly quiet enough to be able to talk and probably quiet enough to hear yourself think. If you’ve got noise sensitive neighbours this is one to look at very favourably.​

What We Dont Love

All that easy peasy storage and moving around does come at something of a price though. The small tank only stores one gallon of compressed air which means that jobs needing longer stretches of air will mean refilling the tank and that means waiting around.

After an initial 2 minutes to fill the tank (not too bad in itself) tank recovery – (when it gets to the point it needs refilling) will take a further 30 seconds so if you are planning for larger jobs on a regular basis this may not be the compressor for you.

In the same vein, the CFM rating – how much air the compressor can provide you with - is on the low side. Before shedding out the readies, you’ll benefit from checking the air rating of any tools you want to use to avoid waiting around unnecessarily while the tank recovers.​

The Verdict

Best Suited For

Aimed squarely at the DIYer or home crafter the PC1010 does merit a second glance if you are planning essential maintenance of your home or perhaps some hobby airbrushing.If you’re looking for maintenance free, quiet life (back to oil free operation and 69dB noise levels) this really does need to go on your short list.

Perfect for the weekend hobbyist or DIYer.

Not So Great For

If you research the tools you plan to use and the Senco PC1010 is capable of supplying them with compressed air you’ll be fine but if your needs change, the next pneumatic tool you buy may just be too much.Then, you may find that the small size and portability mean you have to put up with regular breaks in air supply while the tank recharges

It lacks power, so if you have big jobs require high CFM or constant usage: keep looking.

Taking into account the plus and minus points, if you are in that all important home DIY group of possible owners then you need to think about putting the Senco PC1010 on your short list. If you don’t plan to undertake any larger industrial or construction projects (44 nails per minute is just about the limit of this pump) then this is a compressor worth investing in.

Good warranty cover, a quality build, and great prices mean that as long as you are sure about not needing to undertake more demanding tasks the Senco PC1010 could be the one for you. You can buy this compressor on Amazon if you like our Senco PC010 review.

The perfect light and portable compressor for around the home – will put a smile on any handyman’s dial. 4.4 out of 5 stars.