Central Pneumatic Air Compressors: What’s the Rave About?

If you ask a random person on the street if they know what the term, “Central Pneumatic” means, you’ll probably get a blank stare. But for those familiar with industrial equipment and machinery, the name is practically synonymous with quality, precision, and safety.

But even if you do recognize Central Pneumatic, you could argue that it’s just one name among many, but it’s a brand with an interesting history to say the least, and products that their users know are worth the investment.

How It All Began

The Central Pneumatic name has already itself into the minds of its consumer base for more than 30 years. The brand is part of a line of industrial products produced by the well-known manufacturer, Harbor Freight Tools, makers of a wide range of industrial equipment.

Some 34 years ago, Harbor Freight Tools recognized that there was a considerable demand for pneumatic tools across different industrial and commercial industries. Users use pneumatic tools for a wide variety of applications, including tasks in the automotive, machinist, and shop industries. Recognizing an opportunity to provide quality machines to their customers, Harbor Freight Tools would launch the Central Pneumatic line of products in 1982.

Since then, Central Pneumatic has established itself as a brand more than capable of building products guaranteed to be of the best quality possible, ensuring topnotch performance and safety.

The Facilities

Much of Central Pneumatic’s prowess in the quality control arena is derived mostly from the quality assurance personnel overseeing production in its Calabasas facility in California, USA. In the brand’s facilities, prototypes are subjected to a rigorous regimen of QA tests to verify performance and safety.

To ensure that the consumers get exactly what they are paying for, Harbor Freight Tools’ Calabasas facility subjects each and every tool that comes out of the production line to strict and highly demand test environments to ensure their durability and functionality.

The QA staff leaves no stone unturned, as each tool is tested thoroughly at each phase of the manufacturing process, and even after production to make sure it deserves the seal of quality control it receives at the end of the process.

Top Central Pneumatic Products

The following products are what you could call the cream of the crop of Central Pneumatic’s line of pneumatic tools. If you are looking for high-performance air compressors, make sure these options are on your list.

Model 67708

Model 67708 offers up to 10 gallons of compressed air, delivered by an equally powerful 2.5-horsepower motor producing pressures of 125 pounds per square inch (PSI).

With a 10-gallon capacity, Model 67708 can power multiple air-compressed tools simultaneously. It even features an ergonomic handle and a set of wheels for easy transportation and unparalleled mobility. However, Model 67708 can get noisy, although its noise output levels are the same across the board with competing machines.

Model 95275

If portability and saving space are your primary concerns, check out Model 95275. A Pancake compressor, this machine is significantly smaller than Model 67708, but is not behind it in terms of performance and usability.

With a smaller tank of 3 gallons, the Model 95275 shines in smaller applications that require lower amounts of compressed air. In exchange, this machine comes with an oil-less, which means that does not require much in terms of maintenance, lasting several years with minimal care.

Central Pneumatic features a wide range of products to choose from, each with their own capabilities and pressure settings to choose from. Take the time to look at each model to see which one suits your needs.