...Our Story & Our Mission...

So you need an air compressor, right?

What type of compressor do you need? Electric or gas, How much CFM? What PSI do you need delivered? Are you powering worksite or just your workshop? Do you want it to be portable, or are you looking for pure power?

This barrage of questions is likely what you will face if you walk into your local Home Depot store but the clerk asking you is not trying to make you feel small – they are simply there to help you find the RIGHT compressor.

You see – compressors come in all shapes or sizes and have tonnes of different functions. Add to this the fact that they are (usually) expensive, heavy and confusing, and you get a lot of people using the wrong machines. Buying online is a great option, however you wont have the experience or help from a professional in store - you need to do your own research.

This is where you start – BudgetAirCompressors.com.

We aim to education and review every air compressor in north America, so you don’t have to.

Budgetaircompressors.com was born in early 2000’s and we sold air compressors to customers online for more that 10 years. We started dealing with air compressors for Scuba gear, but fast moved into all types of compressors including machines for home handyman and building contractors.

After building our knowledge in the field up through years of trial and error, we launched our site as a separate business from our supply business – in fact, you can’t even buy our products online (we only provide information at this stage)

Whether you need an air compressor for inflating your tires, a pancake compressor for mobility or a large, high powered, high CFM machine, we’ve got you covered. We review and make recommendation on the top performing items, and educate you on the important stuff.